Small Group Training in Weston

“Small Group Training are an awesome way to get a “personal workout” with a group of like-minded individuals.”

This highly energetic, results-driven training program is fun, effective, and affordable. Designed to be scalable for all levels, every exercise is personalized to each individual’s capabilities by our expert coaches. Stay motivated and get superior results without having to break the bank.

Here’s even more of what you will experience:

  • You’ll develop a ton of self-confidence because you’re training to develop a sexy body to prove it…
  • weston training center small group training pull ups reducedYou’ll feel stronger in mind and body when you can successfully progress to more difficult exercises…
  • You’ll watch in amazement as your body starts to show more muscle, athleticism, and skillful control of your movements…
  • You’ll develop a much better understanding of correct nutrition for YOU
  • You’ll make new friends who want to look and feel as good as you
  • You’ll watch your clothes get looser and looser, which gives you even greater motivation to stay on the right path of good healthy habits… You can start planning your new wardrobe now!


julio finish

“WTC has definitely exceeded our expectations. Robert and Mike are always motivating us and pushing our limits to new heights. If you are looking for a dedicated trainer, a family oriented gym that will deliver results, Weston Training Center is the place.”

– Julio


“I’ve lost weight, toned my body and eating much healthier. Weston Training Center provides the facility, equipment and excellent staff but the key is ME going to the gym.  I do and I will continue because living a healthy life is my goal and WTC is the best for my buck.”

- Michele