Claudia Zawlocki, Chief Culinary Officer

Before I met Robert I was an ordinary person, unconscious about the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I’d eat out, have cereals for breakfast, buy whatever without knowing what I was putting in my body, believe in what the T.V. said and as soon as I’d get a bit chubby I’d eat less and buy low fat products to supposedly lose weight. Little did I know I was feeding my body health issues, leading myself into the wrong path.

Robert helped me realize the importance of nutrition and how it can affect absolutely everything in your life! So I started researching, reading books and articles, watching documentaries, cooking, and visiting local vendors. I made a choice, eat better and train, feel healthy and strong. Part of my journey has led me to an appreciation for the environment and health benefits of sustainable raised, pasture animals.

I believe good traditional food is the way to go. To appreciate what the earth has offered us and with that make yummy dishes. There is no better feeling than to feel energetic every morning, young and strong. To love your body.

I studies in Spain Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, worked in Paris in a Hotel, opened a French Restaurant and now I am doing what I love, be a mom and build a Training Center to help many others find the right healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, get fit and love their body.

The journey to achieve and maintain a good nutrition is in you! I’m grateful to have found something I’m passionate about. I cannot encourage you all enough to do the same, because there is no greater joy in finding what you love and to MAKE IT HAPPEN.