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Do you have a healthy butt?

We are currently facing an epidemic of weak glutes, which leads to low back pain!

healthy butt 2Few people practice the important exercises to keep their glutes strong.  —->

healthy butt 3<—Although we did have a good Start 😉

As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I can experience this tragedy on a daily basis. When my patients comes to see me for low back pain, the first question I ask is “Are you sitting a lot during the day ?”

Most of the time, they will answer “Yes”. Then I would test the strength of their gluteal muscles to find out no strength or very little.

Walking and running require a good amount of hip extension, this hip extension is mainly coming from 3 groups of muscles. the gluteal muscles, should be responsible for more than 50% of the movement (we could discuss the exact percentage, but just know that they are the main actors), then the hamstrings and the low back muscles are responsible for the remaining.

If your butt is not strong or doesn’t work properly, mainly due to too much sitting, then you will compensate with the other muscles:  hamstring and low back muscle.

healthy butt 4So in a simple movement like walking instead of using your big gluteal muscles you will for example put all the stress on your low back muscles ( which are small muscles ), and as a response too that much stress, they will just “lock”, and you will experience a sharp discomfort coming from the low back area.

So make sure you keep your butt strong and active to keep a strong and healthy back.

Nutrition also has a strong influence on how your butt looks, but that would be a topic for another blog post.

Heart Bottom Syndrome

healthy butt 5healthy butt 6<—- Inflammation in the gut and no exercise.

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